Soulsister Self-Care Challenge

As with so many things in life, I learned the hard way about the absolute necessity of practicing self-care. For many years I pushed my body and mind to work long hours on too little sleep, and in my optimistic enthusiasm often overextended myself in my commitments. When a series of seriously stressful life events hit my life, I was not in any shape to be able to keep my balance, and illness set in that slowed me down to a full stop.

This meant, for the first time in my life, that I had the intrinsic motivation and the time to really practice what I then jokingly called “extreme self-care”… In hindsight, it was only extreme in comparison to the perfunctory self-care I had been practicing…but once I found what works for me, it turned out to be actually very doable in daily life, even once I got back on my feet and my schedule filled again.

Now it is my turn to share some of the most powerful things I have learned about self-care: the free 5 week course offered in the link below was initially created as an offering to all of the teachers out there who are giving their all, every day, and touching the lives of thousands and thousands of students. I worked in traditional education for 20 years, and I know: the hours are long, the pay is generally not marvelous, and it is too easy to prioritize work over self-care when so many are counting on you. Not a teacher? No worries: this course is open to anyone interested in learning how to integrate essential self-care into their busy lives.

You are important. You are worthy of loving self-care, every day.

And it is so much easier to integrate self-care in your daily life than you think.

Click on the link below to get started. Every week, for five weeks, you will receive a single email with the lesson for the week.

Sign up here: Soulsister Self-Care Challenge

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