only connect!

imageE.M. Forster hit the nail on the head. “Only connect”, he wrote, and when I read these words many (many!) years ago as a teenager, they struck me with such force that I have never forgotten. Over the years, these words have become my motto, my life creed, my mantra. These two words together form the most helpful, hopeful, practical, joyful, life-affirming imperative one could ever hope to hear. The sheer focus of the word ‘only’ and the vast possibilities held in the word ‘connect’!

Soulsister Bodywork is all about connecting with women all over the world who are walking the path of conscious living and want to go deeper, settle softly into the core of who they really are and live from that place of strength and wisdom we all have access to. If you are longing for a sense of deeper connection to your inner world and a renewed sense of vitality , you are in the right place. Welcome!

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