Soulsister Singing Bowl Sessions

Whether you are just learning to play the singing bowl or have been playing for years, singing bowl sessions offer an unforgettable opportunity to discover deeper layers of your own consciousness.

The singing bowl is an intimate, powerful, responsive, open and expressive instrument.  These qualities lend themselves to meditation and self-enquiry.

Just as a grandmother who loves you, sees you, respects you and trusts you, the singing bowl will tell you what you need to know – if you are willing to listen. When you find that you are willing to surrender to what this “grandmother” bowl has to teach you, you will discover that you have access to your innate inner resource of knowing. As you sustain this practice over a period of time, your sense of your true self will become as familiar as your own breath.

Feel the vibration, notice your physical experience, and drop down into the present moment and all that you already are.

If you are interested in exploring your relationship to your own experience through playing the Tibetan singing bowl, I will gladly guide you.

No experience is necessary – just a healthy sense of curiosity. If you have your own singing bowl, you can work with it and discover all that it holds for you. During our sessions, you are also welcome to work with my bowl, which for many resonates strongly with the root and sacral chakra’s as well as the heart and crown chakra’s.

If you would like to make an appointment to find out more about individual sessions or workshops, please contact me at

Sessies kunnen uiteraard ook in het Nederlands gegeven worden.

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