Yoga Retreat in Morocco: Awaken Your Senses

ReTreat Yourself & rediscover your senses in a gorgeous oasis Essaouira, Morocco!

Do you want to feel relaxed in your body and mind, become re-energized, and learn how to (re-)connect to what makes you you? Are you longing to see great beauty? Or, perhaps your heart has been whispering something that it is time to listen to….

Join me and Kirsten van den Akker for an inspirational week in the beautiful surroundings of Essaouira, Morocco from June 23 – 30, 2019!

Awaken your senses and discover how to use the tools of Yin Yoga to create a powerful healing space for yourself.

A week of inspiration.

A week of self-care.

A week of reflection.

Out of your head and into your heart!

Feeling inspired? Click HERE to read more about this unforgettable journey!

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