What women say about our retreats…

What women have shared with us about our past retreats…

Marisca Wilbrink (The Netherlands)

So many beautiful things! What a week of wonders it was!!!!!!!!!!! Connection with really everybody and ourselves, myself. In thoughts, talks, walks, exercises, sharing, openness, holding, releasing, and always the laughter, respect and love. This week was just so incredibly good and intense. For as long as I will live, I’ll cherish this.

Michelle Close (USA)

THANK YOU  ladies for a wonderful week. Your knowledge, heart and kindness make the group and experience what it was. Along with the wonderful women who showed up , in many ways. I am savoring the experience, and working on keeping my learnings into practice and a motivator for more.

Marianne Willems (The Netherlands)

Your warm, open presence, the fact that you were one with the group, your care and attention for every individual, your dedication, enthusiasm and devotion, your inspiring lessons, sessions and meditations, your smooth teamwork and your positive relationship with each other, the way in which you both naturally and spontaneously made use of what there was and held space for what spontaneously arose, the way in which you offered your presence to the those that needed it (comforting, supporting, nourishing)…all of this and more caused all of our hearts to open more and more. Sometimes there was sometimes so much love in the room, we could all feel it.

Fatima Ait El Houssi (the Netherlands)
Wow, what a great trip you have organized again this year. Beautiful location, beautiful goodie bag, beautiful people in the riad, delicious food, fantastic group of women, cool trips, beautiful photos and stories beforehand … Really everything was taken care of to perfection. Your interaction with eachother is also super and the variety in yoga classes is really nice. I always follow all the lessons. What makes your journeys so wonderful is who you are. Your personal touch and energy makes it what it is. You make the difference. Big warm hearts, loving, there is never an unharmonious word. It always goes smoothly and that is because of your input. You are fantastic women and that attracts other fantastic women. I would say, above all stay yourself and then you get what there is and that is a lot of beautiful things! Super to be able to join you again. 

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