Where the attention flows…

On one of the busiest days, of perhaps the fullest and most joyous year I can remember for a long time,

sandwiched between

– an achingly wonderful women’s retreat where I taught meditation and yin yoga of the chakra’s, to practice coming home to our true Self…


– a two-day masterclass where we practiced being aware of our kinesthetic relationship to gravity. Which is mindblowingly relaxing.

I returned to my chandra namaskar practice.

I pushed aside open suitcases and rolled out my mat in my favorite place in the house. Every time again: home sweet home in my body, grounded in the sweetest peace of knowing how to land.

I came out of my 20 min practice feeling energetic, inspired, and open and lay down for savasana, enjoying how awake my body felt… for all of about two minutes, when I noticed the scent of the laundry basket on the floor near my head.

The thoughts that followed: Oh no. The laundry. It smells damp. How can I meditate when i smell damp.This room. Why can’t this room stay tidy. i need to…

And then this really good thing happened. One fed-up part of me spoke up, like, firmly.

“Stop. Choose where your attention flows. You choose.”

My attention returned happily to the inner body sensation of awakeness, and guess what? It turns out I actually can meditate while smelling damp. Ha. I can choose where my attention flows. That was a clear insight, I heard myself think. Damn straight, was the response that arose.

So this is my take on this: one awesome bit of me is a bad-ass, who chooses clarity, opening up into what is real,and holding space for what is sacred. She knows that the inner exploration of my life needs my full attention when I am on the mat. She knows.

Let the bad-ass in you choose where your attention flows. Every day, no matter where you are or what you are doing, there are so many opportunities to simply practice this empowering choice.